Say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to increased sales and customer satisfaction

&bookme streamlines scheduling, saves time, increases availability and boosts efficiency

the way to better results


We understand that convenient and easy appointment scheduling is crucial for businesses to attract customers and increase sales opportunities. &bookme optimizes availability and resource allocation, ensuring the right competencies are available to meet customer needs

6 minutes saved*

Employes uses on average 6 minutes less per meeting booked. This adds up to thousands or even millions of € saved each year

3 x conversion rate*

The conversion rate triples using &bookme componets as Call-to-action in automized campaigns as opposed to phone or e-mail

20% customer bookings*

Meetings booked by customers. Trend projection shows a 50% target in 2025, resulting in even more cost saving and additional business

* Based on customer feedback and evaluation

With our data-driven insights, we can identify trends, customer preferences and areas for improvement, optimizing the appointment scheduling process for increased business opportunities, sales, revenue and customer satisfaction

We developed &bookme to help companies save time and resources and achieve their goals more effectively!

Why do you need &bookme

The challenge

The process of coordinating schedules, locations, and resources can be complex and time-consuming, diverting valuable resources from other important tasks. Inefficient booking processes can also result in missed opportunities, such as potential business deals or relationships

What is &bookme

Customer engagement

&bookme is a flexible no code solution and can be adapted to the company's specific needs, across industries, size, availability and, not least, desired meeting types. This level of customization can help ensure that the scheduling process is tailored to the unique needs of each organization, and can help to maximize the benefits of using &bookme

We help you focus on your business


&bookme simplifies scheduling to save time and costs, while increasing convenience for customers and employees. Customizable and insightful, it improves service quality and attracts new customers, allowing businesses to focus on growth

Who are &bookme

We are &money

About us

&bookme is a customer engagement solution provided by &money

&money is a Danish software company established in 2019 and owned by Trifork and 3 major banks in Denmark (Nykredit, Spar Nord og Arbejdernes Landsbank)

Our mission

The way to increase sales and customer satisfaction

We transform business models and the way we serve customers

&bookme is aiming to simplify the appointment scheduling process for businesses and customers alike. We believe that everyone deserves access to efficient, convenient and personalized scheduling solutions that enable them to focus on what matters most. Our goal is to provide businesses with the tools and resources they need to optimize their scheduling processes, improve customer engagement and satisfaction and ultimately drive growth and success

What do our customers think



Casper Kidmose (Strategic Director)

&bookme has contributed to a transformation of our business model. We have experienced a significant increase in customers who book meetings themselves and this has led to a significantly higher degree of self-service. &bookme has helped increase our sales and customer satisfaction, as well as employee efficiency and given us insight into customer behavior and performance, which has helped us adjust our business model and optimize our customer service models

Spar Nord

Morten Baden (Chief Development Officer)

We experience saving a great amount of time for our employees, a significant reduction in administrative work and an increased efficiency in our booking process. We continuously optimize our processes, based on the data insights we get from &bookme about needs, behavior and performance, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and better sales results

Arbejdernes Landsbank

Mike Cottle (Business Development Director)

&bookme makes it easy and intuitive for our customers and advisors to coordinate and book meetings. With &bookme's intuitive features, our employees have saved valuable minutes per meeting booked, which can now be used to focus on core tasks and delivering a better customer experience

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